Specialising in:
  • Marble/Granite/Terrazzo/Concrete grinding & polishing.
  • All stone restoration from removing stains and scratches to repolishing and sealing.
  • Restoration of stone bench tops.
  • Re-polishing, sealing and cleaning of porcelain tiles.
Renaissance Tiling
  • Laying of marble, granite, terrazzo insitu and all porcelain and ceramic tiles, including tessellated.
  • Shot blasting of logos and patterns into concrete and stone floors.
  • Laying of Stucco Veneziano (Venetian Plaster).
Benefits of Grinding Stone Floors

The ancient Romans used crushed salt, sand and fibres to grind, hone and polish stone. Today we use diamonds to accomplish the same task.
The traditional way of laying marble is a four stage process.
The first stage, being the most important involves taking 2-3mm off the surface of the stone, grinding it flat. A flat floor is easier to maintain and more cost effective in the long term because there is no lippage in joints where dirt can accumulate. The grinding process will eliminate depressed grout joints. The grout will be even with the tile surface so that dirt and grime are not deposited in recessed joints. A completely ground flat floor also gives the illusion of being monolithic (consisting of a single stone).
If a floor has not been ground flat by removing recessed joints, we can still restore the stone using different diamonds available.
If having the choice, the full four grinding stages are highly recommended because the maintenance of the floors is much easier to maintain and you can choose much larger sized tiles.

The process of stone and concrete polishing:

STAGE 1: Levelling surface by cutting with metal diamonds and pads.
STAGE 2: Honing – removing scratches and achieving a satin finish with little or no gloss.
STAGE 3: Polish – To bring stone or concrete surface to a shiny reflective state achieved with mechanical polishing.
STAGE 4: Sealer – A subsurface treatment formulated to penetrate the stone surface, to enhance resistance to water and oil stains.

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