Concrete floor polishing is the mechanical process of grinding or cutting a concrete surface to refine the surface to a desirable finish.

Our system provides multiple levels of concrete floor polishing with different finishes.

  • Honed concrete which has a flat appearance with little or no reflection or sheen.
  • Satine concrete has a matt appearance with slight reflection and varying levels of sheen.
  • Polished concrete has a highly reflective appearance with a glass like sheen.

Concrete Floor Polishing Adelaide

Each of these processes are used with a diamond grit on an abrasive disc. The discs are attached to an upright machine that grinds the concrete to the desired level of finish by repeated passes with progressively finer diamond grit.

Renaissance Stone and Concrete Polishing use ‘the super concrete floor system’ from Klindex. This system provides a high gloss or matt finish which never needs waxes or coatings.

Concrete floor polishing provides an extremely high quality durable finish. By using our concrete hardeners and diamonds, the concrete floor becomes up to eight times harder and resistant; as a result, this process is popular in high traffic areas, as it provides an easy maintenance surface.

The superior durability of concrete is now being used in warehouse and industrial facilities, office facilities, restaurants, showroom floors, garages and residential interiors.
We specialise in the preparation of concrete floors prior to floor coverings. Our Renaissance Stone Polishing removes glue, grinds and levels floors ready for any surface installation.

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