Looking to get your Adelaide marble floor polishing project right, the first time?

Renaissance Stone Polishing specializes in all types of marble floor restoration work which comes in a variety of colours, each uniquely showcasing its stunning beauty.

Adelaide Marble Floor Polishing

Marble is a beautiful, elegant form of stone rock that has been in existence for thousands and thousands of years.

Marble was commonly used in sculpture and large building construction (particularly in Ancient Greece).

That aside, many people are drawn to marble floors because of its beauty and its rich cultural origins.  However, marble floors like any other type of stone floor, require maintenance.

This is where Renaissance Stone Polishing delivers quality professional services in South Australia, Adelaide.

That said, all natural stone flooring such that of marble may appear dull or discoloured over time due to the following;

  • General wear and tear
  • Scratches, etches and over marks
  • Stains from acidic products (like lemon and various soaps)
  • Stains from oily products.

Renaissance Stone Polishing uses premium equipment and process to deliver a restoration for your floor’s natural beauty, the first time.

There are many benefits to using Renaissance’s Marble Polishing services. These include;

  • Stains and scratches are easily removed
  • Your marble floor is returned to its original natural polish
  • Marble floor will become easier to maintain and clean
  • After the treatment, the room will become brighter and vibrant.

With a variety of tools and machinery, we do the flooring work right the first time and now seen as the professionals in Adelaide. We restore your marble floor to its natural original state and deliver a polished appearance your guests will envy.

Adelaide Marble Floor Polish Newyork

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Marble Flooring Polishing ‘Process’

  1.  Stains and scratches are removed by grinding the flooring gently
  2. Polished with commercial grade machinery
  3. Crystallise the surface, and as a result, making it durable and reflective.

Your marble floor will become new again with this professional process.

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