Renaissance tiling introduces, Iron Floor – The New Terrazzo Flooring – strong, stylish, durable and versatile for indoor and outdoor applications.


Iron floor is the Brilliant new solution for the construction of floors without continuous joints that gives the floor a seamless look.

What is it?

Strong, Stylish, Durable & Versatile, Klindex’ Iron Floor is the result of 10 years experience in both civil and industrial construction sites.  Iron Floor is an Ultra-fast hardening self-leveling cement mortar to make making floors that have high abrasion resistance and that can be laid in a thicknessses ranging from 6 and 35 mm in both indoor and outdoor environments.  Iron Floor offers infinite possibilities for the industrial or decorative building sectors in the most diverse areas: public, private, commercial, such as shopping centers and residential, malls, hotels, offices, shops, showrooms, apartments, etc.  Iron Floor has a high abrasion resistance and very good characteristics of mechanical resistance, compression and bending. It has strong adhesive characteristics, bonding perfectly with the substrate and dries very rapidly, allowing you to quickly perform the finishing operations in a much shorter time than other flooring alternatives.


3 Versions Available


The AdvantagesThe Klindex

Iron Floor has no shrinkage which is an important feature and synonymous with the highest quality material available. Thanks to its composition Iron Floor differs from all other Overlay flooring systems: The anchor, with its 200 kg/cm ² tear strength, has no equal. The hardness of Klindex Iron Floor, compared to other systems, allows the contractor to achieve a much higher gloss when polishing in a shorter time compared to other similar floor. Klindex Iron Floor can be used for both indoor and outdoor flooring, this is due to its composition which does not contain absorbent materials, but is made with high quality cement and aggregates. Klindex Iron Floor is a pourable material , it does not contain plasticizers , retardants , etc. and is a very friendly product of the environment. The laying of the Klindex Iron Floor itself is simple and does not need a specialized technician: The Iron floor system is able to be supplied and laid by any contractor or company, however, the technical guidelines provided should be followed to lay it correctly. Floors made using Klindex Iron Floor, are suitable for under- floor heating systems, roller chairs and are also photo resistant.


We would recommend that you discuss with your local Klindex Distributor the Klindex machinery and tooling
needed that will allow you to achieve the best results when laying and polishing the Klindex Iron Floor.


Go Colorful: The only restriction is your own creativity. Intense colours.


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